One year after discover my TDAH, I become a productivity addiccted, I start to study about how to be more productive in work and in life, I’ve designed a lot of ways to improve my work, some of then works very well, some of then i’ve give up in few days.

There is 3 basic rules that I learn about productive, they are:

  1. List what you need to do in the day
  2. List what you’ve done
  3. Track you time

In my wall, there is a lot of post its marking what i need to do today, post it with future tasks and the most important of all, the tasks that I’ve done in the week.

Last week I start to develop my own app of Productive Manager, today, it name is Track News but i’m pretty sure that its gonna change. I choose this name because in the end, the app will show you a resume of everything you’ve done in a space of time like a newspaper, yes, it will create a newspaper showing if you reach your goals in that time, what you need to improve and what you were great and diserve a reward.

Tha main idea is:

  1. You Create a Tasks and Projects, projects works like categories, when you complete a task as “Study” you will choose what project that task is, as Math.
  2. You create goals, this goal can be daily, weekly or monthly. After create a goal you choose which Tasks and Projects are linked with that goal, so, when you complete a task linked with that goal, the progress bar of the goal increase.
  3. The app creates a newspaper about your production daily, weekly and monthly

I’m just in the start of the project and as soon as it be ready to release a beta version i will post it here.

This is just a preview: